Investigator, Scientific, & Marketing Advisory Board Meetings – INSIGHTS™

Leverage Key Stakeholder Relationships.

Organizations are under increasing pressure to maximize their investments throughout the product development process, from early asset assessment stage through post-launch activities.

As such, partnering with an agency that has the strategic mindset, scientific expertise,
first-hand knowledge of product development initiatives, and the experience of leveraging key relationships to uncover actionable insights is an investment worth making!

The Phoenix INSIGHTS™ staff possess first-hand and extensive experience leading
cross-functional brand, scientific, product development, and medical teams within global and biotech companies. Furthermore, our team brings with it industry best practices relative to collaboration, strategy, and synthesis that provide the basis for developing clear and concise actionable advisory board deliverables.

Clear and Concise Objectives.

Given our own industry experiences, we realize that early insights often mean the difference between success and failure. As a result, one of the core deliverables within the INSIGHTS™ process is the development of clear and concise objectives that are aligned with the near-term gating decisions typically required by senior management.

Meaningful Collaboration.

INSIGHTS™ is a comprehensive process incorporating components of proven methodologies for structuring a panel of experts for effective group communication processes.

  • Structures information flow to identify key objectives and deliverables, and to develop pre-meeting interactions to obtain initial contributions and identify knowledge gaps
  • Anonymity of the participants to allow for freedom of expression, minimize bandwagon effect, and prevent domination by others in the process

  • Expert Moderators to lead iterative facilitation, incorporating case studies and redundancies to dive for deeper insights, as well as breakout sessions and mock committees to uncover behavioral change hurdles

  • Comprehensive and synthesized deliverables to validate group findings, their relationship to key objectives, and recommendations to maximize development opportunities and brand success

Deliverables with Actionable Insights.

Our INSIGHTS™ team has grown with our clients by providing individualized Investigator, Scientific, and Marketing Advisory Board strategic processes, planning and agenda development, chairperson selection/coaching, participant pre- and post-meeting activities, full logistics management, meeting moderation, and generation of a report, which successfully identifies and captures critical insights.

Let us show you how leveraging your key stakeholder relationship is one of the key drivers of our business!

Experience The Phoenix Difference.


“Phoenix has unique expertise and experience in the planning and execution of high quality HEOR advisory boards… they have partnered with Medical and HEOR staff to identify and engage an optimal mix of clinical, HEOR, policy and payer KOLs through their proprietary knowledge base.”

“Scientific writers summarize technical and strategic insights to inform study planning, execution and publication by the manufacturer. Their experience in this specialized area distinguishes them from traditional medical content facilitators.”

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