Science Into Practice Through Powerful Medical Communications

At the heart of every client’s success is a compelling clinical story. At Phoenix, it’s our business to know your business. Our insight-generation methodology, our proprietary technology, and our drive to create dynamic, clinically relevant content are what set Phoenix apart. We design and deliver engaging peer-to-peer programs that transform your science into clinical practice.

Using our proven content development methodology, we will help you produce compelling rich media-based visual stories.

  1. Research and Data Assessment

  2. Insight Generation

  3. Clinical Strategy Development

  4. Key Opinion Leader Validation

  5. Core Message Development

  6. Tactics

We can help you:

  • Generate insights from thought leaders
  • Create an engaging academic learning forum for speakers
  • Help speakers deliver robust, rich media content
  • Take case-based learning to the next level
  • Create broader impact at medical congresses


Find out how we can help you develop powerful medical communications.

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